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Julie Gaudion


Registered with BPC; TSP and BACP.

I am Julie Gaudion BPC, TSP, MBACP. I have many years experience providing counselling and psychotherapy.  As a psychodynamic psychotherapist, I aim to provide counselling and psychotherapy in a safe, confidential and
non-judgemental environment.

I can work with adult individuals or couples, either on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period.  The aim of my work is to help you understand and make sense of difficult feelings and events and as a consequence, live life more fully.

Sessions are held on Zoom and in total confidence and privacy.


People often discuss counselling or psychotherapy when they are struggling with emotional problems such as:

  • Feeling stressed and anxious

  • Coming to terms with losses such as bereavement, divorce or redundancy

  • Lacking confidence, self-esteem or having feelings of underachievement

  • An inability to make or sustain relationships

  • Repeatedly becoming involved in unsatisfactory or destructive relationships

  • Feeling depressed, sad or empty

  • Lacking a sense of purpose in life

  • Having unresolved issues from the past

  • Sexuality and gender, including gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual issues

  • Problems at work

  • Family conflicts

If you are experiencing difficulties such as these, you may find therapy helpful.

Therapy Sessions

I can offer appointments both during the day and in the evening, depending upon spaces available at the time.

Sessions can be arranged for once or twice a week and can be for a set period of time or open ended.

For further information or to book an initial consultation, please contact me using the phone number or by email.

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